In this Explaindio Video FX Review we will review the new software making head ways across the video production industry. This software was created by Todd Grosss a highly experienced and well recognized marketing consultant who spent over a year perfecting this software. The Explaindio Video FX software was created by the same team of people who previously created Explaindio Video Creator, which is now used by tens of thousands video marketers in their businesses. After testing out this software they have we can see that they have seriously pushed this up to the next level and this review will show you exactly why.


Explaindio Video FX is a combination of two apps: Easy Sketch Pro and Video Maker FX. These two apps have been combined to make a highly powerful video production tool. Explaindio allows you to make awesome videos with just a few clicks. It can transform, any video into an eye catching video clips that can give you a high return of subscribers and buyers. It is dead simple to use. Videos created using Explaindio Video FX contains full motion, white sketch board and animation elements. Some of the features are mentioned below:


  • Animated video creator, to enable you to design advanced animated videos.
  • Pre-done projects, images and slide packages that are complete for you to choose from.
  • Import function which allows you to import slides from other software you might be using.
  • Includes a library of over 30 handy characters and sketch hands which can be used in your video.
  • High Quality video templates making your video look that more enticing.
  • Includes 40 Amazing Built-In Customizable Video Effects (pro)
  • No Experience Required – Super Easy To Use (Drag and Drop Feature)
  • Commercial License To Produce Videos


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Continuing on with this Explaindio Video Fx Review. This is not just a video creator or editor but a software which transforms any mediocre video to an eye catching blockbuster video that has the potential to boost subscribers and buyers.

There are plenty of stock video sites on the market, however most of them are dull and will destroy your audiences engagement. This software has a massive library of clips to choose from that can only have a positive influence on your brand image.

Have you ever wondered how some websites have that cool blurred effect in the background? Well now you can have that cool effect on your videos and websites. The Explaindio Video FX contains an unlimited source of blurred videos which you can use to impress your clients with this trendy visual effect like in the image below.

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Who is this for?

  1. Ad agencies: This would be perfect for ad agencies as they can use this to create videos for their clients.
  1. Product/business owners can you this to promote their products/services. You can easily make an animated video showing your target audience the benefits of buying your products. You wont need any training to create these videos, you can just learn it as you go.
  1. Anyone who needs to create a video presentation whether it be for school or for a business presentation. It can easily take less than an hour to create a high quality informative presentation that will impress your peers or colleagues.


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  • Final Rating


Well what a review? All up I'm giving this product a 4.8 out of 5 simply because they did not bring this product out earlier! In this day in age you need videos to engage your customer/audience to boost conversion rate/leads and that is why this software is perfect and for its price it is totally worth it. Do yourself a big favor and get this NOW! This is a 100% serious product so get your hands on this right away!